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  • Update Bomb

    I can get the new version to work and now the old version also does not work.   I am very mad ad what a waste of time.

  • Componet Replacement

    I need to replace a component in the schematic. There are 35 of the components in the schematic that need to be replace. The component is a diode that needs to replaced with another diode. So is th...

  • Need To Solder A 18 AWG Wire To Copper Pipe

    Howdy I am trying to solder an 18AWG wire to a pure copper pipe (OD = 20mm Wall Thickness = 1mm Length = 200mm). The pipe is a sensor so this attachment point has to be an electronic contact point....

  • Technology files

    OK what am I doing wrong? I can find my tech file for a new PCB design. As the screenshot shows there is nothing to transfer from my tech file. I have use this tech file for all my PCB. I just uplo...

  • Need Help With An Analog circuit

    I am working on an analog circuit shown in the attached screenshot. I can get the Vout = V1*2 function to work properly but can not get the Vout = (V1 - V2)*2.function to work! So I was wonder if o...

  • Need GND Plane On Layer 3

    I am trying to make a Fraday cage around some very low inputs. I need to have a GND plane on layer 1 and 3 of a 4 layer PCB. Layer 2 is the layer with the input traces (16 signals). How can I do th...

  • Hidden VIAs On A Multi Layer PCB

    I am wondering if how (if possible) to use hidden vias. What I talking about is having a via that only connects two layers without going throw all layers. Like a via from the top layer to the secon...

  • Need Help Finding A Part

    I have been all over the web looking for a 2 prong power A/C panel connector (the pic is the A/C plug wire that plugs into the connector). Wondering if anyone knows where I can find this connector?  

  • How do I Display A 3D View Of A PCB

    I found it once but I can not now, so I was wondering how do I display a 3D view of my PCB?   Thanks for the great support and Happy New Year (2021 Has to be better then 2020).

  • Need A Relay Design.

    I need a very very simple circuit that detects if a generator producing power (20W 120VDC at max turning speed). I need the circuit that controls a relay wired to an alarm. Possibly where if power ...