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  • Turn on Maskes

    I forgot to turn on the "Paste Mask for SMT" and "Solder Mask"  when I transferred to PCB. I can not figure out how to turn them on.  How do I turn them on with out redoing the PCB?

  • Another LIB Problem

    I seem to be having a lot issues with my defined (SERA) library. This time I tried to transfer from schematic to PCB. There is a lot of report comments not being able to transfer because it can not...

  • 2 PCB Layout Questiond

    Hello I have a couple question: 1) No thermal spokes on one layer (Layer 2) of a 4 layer board? All other layers there is thermal spokes!       2) Component say's there are 12 pins, went there is o...

  • Parts Lib

    I know this has been brought before. I am on my backup machine (main machine crashed) and I need the link to the parts lib web site. Thanks.

  • ! Schem & 5 PCBS

    I want to create a project that uses the same schematic for 5 different PCBs. Altho the schematic is the same for all of them, the difference is the enclosures.  I tried to make 5 different project...

  • Edit Component Error

    I can not change a PC symbol in a Component.  The link points to a screen capture of my problem.  As you can see in th...

  • Can Not Create a New Project

    I can not entry a new project file name. When I type in the "New Project Name" nothing happens!!!    I understand Version 8.1 will be comeing soon, maybe all these errors will go away.

  • Left Hand Part Select Menu

    OK I did it, and in the past I was able to re-display the left hand menu to select a part to be inserted into a design. Now if I could only remember how to re-display the menu. Could some one refre...

  • Power Buss Error

    Every time I "Translate To PCB" I get the following error message:      

  • GND PLane

    Hello I want to place a GND plane on both top and bottom layers. I tried the copper pour but it did not seem to work! I should mention I am adding this GND plane on to existing PCB board that alrea...