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  • "Board Outline File" ?

    I have my board design complete but when I try to send it to the manufacturer I'm told I am missing the "board outline file". I can't find any references to it nor can I find how to make it or even...

  • 4 and 3 way track intersections

    To avoid 90 degree corners, I have been advised to add chamfers to 3 and 4 way intersections. I cannot find a way to do that. Can someone point me in the right direction? TIA.

  • Noob - Various Questions

    I've designed my schematic and transferred it to my PCB. The components were placed manually. I've learned the hard way that auto routing is pretty much useless and manual routing is tedious and I'...

  • Noob - Design Rule Errors

    As a noob I am struggling with design rule errors. It appears to me the annular ring errors are in the component library (downloaded RN113BPC). In any case I can't figure out how to edit them to ch...

  • Noob - Startup Error

    As a Noob, each time I start DesignSpark I am getting an error that is pretty much non-descript. It does not seem to effect the operation in any way I have encoutered so far but I would like to kno...