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Editing a sketch after a revolve pull


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  • Jacant

    You cannot go back to the original sketch once a solid has been created. All edits must now be done in 3D mode.

    However. You can use the geometry of the solid.

    Right click in white space - Use Last Sketch Plane. Hopefully this will take you to the Plane that the original 2D lines were created on. That is if you have not created another sketch plane since. If you have then pick the axis of the solid as the new sketch plane.

    On the Sketch Plane. Use the Project to Sketch tool. Pick each of the lines you want to use. Hide Solid in Structure tree. Now either edit the 'node points' or better still draw a new Spline Curve. The new curve will have less node points to edit. Just drag them to suit. This will form the basis of your new solid. The original is now not required and can be deleted.

  • Andrew Austin


    Once again, thanks for the reply and helping with my query. 

  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Andrew.

    Use the PLANE tool found in the 'Insert' menu.

    Creating any geometry in / on this plane with be permanent unless it's deleted or the plane is deleted.

    Planes can be owned by 'Components' so turning on / off , moving , deletion, visability etc can be easily controlled.

    Also, these planes can have entities put on layers etc, again visabilty easily controlled.

    hope this helps...


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