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Labelling a point?


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  • Tim Heeney

    Not that i can find directly...

    This works fairly well:

    If this helps, i do this often...Renaming helps with selection, bringing it/ them to the top in curves folder with single click displaying renamed items only - sorting possibilities as well. Hovering over screen points in graphics or structure browser highlights the item.

    The Add-on Drawing Module works well adding notes to a point - although, that's not the point here...


  • Me Here

    Thanks Tim. Unfortunately none of that really helps for what I'm trying to do. Namely, label points and lines for reference in calculations and discussion about them:

    Stuff like this:


    Which was drawn in DSM, but then loaded into paint in order to annotate. Which is fine until you need to add something else to the drawing, or change the view, or ...

    Just another petty restriction that lessens DSM.



  • Tim Heeney

    I see...

    The Drawing module provides note attachment - annotation planes are necessary.


    In DSM, this works as a basic reference only i.e. aide-mémoire


  • Me Here

    Let me guess.

    You had to create 9 annotation planes, one for each of your 9 labels; and:

    • they all have to live at the top level of the document because you can't create them inside a component and you cannot move them.
    • you had to go into the properties of each of the 9 and turn off the outline.
    • if you need to produce a view of the scene that is more that about 60° away from the view above, you have to a) go into the property pages opf all 9 labels and set "mirror" on. b) manually adjust the position and/or orientation of all 9 labels to make them visible for that alternate view.

    Rinse and repeat for each new view; or if you want to return to the original view.

    £500 for such a primative facility. No way.

  • Tim Heeney

    Whatever you believe are the apparant shortcomings of adding notes in 3D space, the Drawing Module does much more and allows further live modelling advantages through model interaction in different views /parts displayed / sections etc. If needing fast detailing of production ready drawings in a professional manner, there is an absolute need for the Drawing Module.

    Sure, the price 'looks' expensive and probably is too costly for all unless needing a professional tool to work. Then it's entirely another situation depending upon what your clients demand / expect.


  • Me Here

    Tim. It works for your needs, which is great. My comment was purely from my own perspective; and were not personal..

    And, because I try not to criticise -- even a product -- without offering a (IMO) better way. Here's my view of that better way.

    The "annotation plane" is the plane of the user's viewport. All annotation texts and types live subordinate to that in the structure tree. Each carries in its properties the global coordinates of a point or points to which it is attached. When the annotation plane is enabled, those points are projected onto the current viewport plane and the text/arrows/lines/etc. are drawn attached to the projected points.

    By way of example, and using a rough approximation of your example above; some crude sketching in place of annotations. In this view:

    The annotations appear in the correct places and with the correct orientations.

    If we zoom out and rotate a little:

    You can see that the "annotation plane" was actually just the plane of the viewport. The points from the 3D view are projected onto that plane and the annotations are then draw on the plane positioned relative to the projected points.  (Note: The above is a simulation and would never been seen if real.)

    Ie. If the '"annotation plane" is active, it is always aligned to the current viewpoint, the points are projected in real time, and the text/dimensions whatever are drawn relative to the projection of the points.

    In this way the text is always the right way around, and always visible regardless of the point of view.

    Anyway. Just an old programmer recalling how I did it years ago.


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