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M1 Mac support


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  • Tim Heeney

    This is just a personal comment.

    DSM is a subset of Ansys Spaceclaim which, although available as standalone product, it's also been morphed into Ansys Discovery Live and Ansys Discovery Aim - programs that blend CAD and various interactive simulation tools.

    Looking at Apples products using the M1, it's 16GB Unified memory seem to be excluding it from Apples higher capacity machines.

    DSM is a child of very high end software and Apple high end products don't currently use the M1 cpu.

    Therefore i think it's unlikely DSM will have a version for M1 Macs - not that it wouldn't work great!

    Can you see my logic...



  • Datalox

    Tim- I don't see why Apple high end products have anything to do with porting DSM over.
    No I don't see your logic..

    My similar question is why can't we get DSM for Apple Intel machines?
    And why does DSM depend on the target processor?  What happened to decades of cross-compilers?

    My Windows laptop died 2 weeks ago :(

  • Tim Heeney


    Dominic Bronson

    it was only a personal opinion...

    I have added this to the DSM  'New feature Request' area.

    Please vote for it here or there or both.


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