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document custom properties


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  • tab...

    What type of 'Custom document properties' do you wish to self duplicate ?

    Some notes on 'Body Materials':

    Assigning a material property for mass calculation is mostly an individual body action.

    If a body with assigned material props is copy and pasted into another component - all material properies are lost.

    If a body with assigned material props is dragged in structure broswer into another component - all material properies are kept.

  • tab...

    Also, Move > Copy a body ( or a component ) and assigned materials are maintained.

    I realised this is a very limited answer.

  • augustin ramel

    For example, I want that the information "traitement" can appears on my drawing sheet :


    This information is present in my custom properties of the document :


    I want that this custom properties can be present by default when I open a new conception or, better, each time I open Designspark.


    Thank you!

  • tab...

    I think only information created in a 'drawing formats' can be replicated.

    The drawing module is not a PDM type program.

    Please contact 'support' for an 'official response' and or raise a 'New Feature Request'  for a 'light version' to do the basics as you would like.

    DSM is a subset of Ansys Spaceclaim Technology. In 2015, there was a pdm product by YaPlm available for Spaceclaim. I do not know the present situation with Spaceclaim and document control.



  • tab...

    Hello Augustine.

    I have been investigating... i hope this is useful information.

    A 'Drawing Format' can contain permanent text like 'Finition Brute' or a 'Project name' etc. and is a good way to repeat persistant/ repeated information on a drawing sheet automatically - just open your sheet format , add text , modify drawing title block as necessary and save or save as.

    Other text fields that may need to be changed , rev, modified date, material, finish etc, are defined in the drawing format sheet owner by adding and defining properties in the 'Custom Document Properties' dialogue. As you know, a property can be added, it's 'name' changed etc to maybe 'Drawing Rev', which adds this into the named fields drop down box for selection to associate text with it.

    It seems that this valueable information can only be added to the drawing sheet by selecting empty fields when a new drawing sheet is added to the part file ...

    In DSM information pages this process needs to be clearer.

    I can find no other way to document this information.

    Hope this helps.

  • tab...

    To implant information into the drawing - it can only be done through the filling in of custom text fields (predefined in the particular chosen 'drawing format') after 'Adding' a new drawing sheet to the current Design Document.

    The above drawing was made also to help other users - this information isn't new to you.

    Hope this helps.

    Please reply if more information is required.



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