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Great Youtube Videos to learn DSM


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  • Tim Heeney

    Hello Raymond...Glad you like DSM.

    DSM was born from Spaceclaim around 2015. Search Spaceclaim in youtube for more, however there is quite a fair amount on youtube for DSM as well as you've probably seen.

    This guy ( Fabrication Planet ) does a good job in my opinion of basic and some advanced DSM explanations.

    ' '

    There is great sophistication behind a seemingly simple dashboard ( aka GUI - Graphical User Interface ).

    Further questions ? This forums the place to ask...

    The F1 key brings up general help page but it requires a specific topic or key word to search for,

    Hover over commands and the Tool Tip may say there's an F3 video available - this will give an indication of the command functionality - not perfect but imparts the basic concept.

    Also, within DSM, under 'Help/Resources' tab, there's keys for F1 general help pages, F3 Built-in Video help, Tutorials, Quick Reference Card , Touch Mouse Gestures etc. Maybe you have already seen these.

    Enjoy DSM...



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