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Can't seem to create solid surfaces after sketching linework


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  • Jacant

    Select all of the 'edges' of the 'surfaces' and all of the lines. use the 'Fill' tool.

    If that does not convert it into a solid you will need to select each of the lines that are in line on a plane to create surfaces. This will include one of the edges of a surface together with the adjoining lines. Hopefully when you create the last surface it should automatically be converted into a solid. 

  • Thomas Post

    Hi Jacant, thanks for taking the time to respond! I've tried what you suggested and in worked - partially. The filled 'surfaces' (don't know if that's the official DS term) have a different opacity now, but for some reason some wouldn't change at all. Also, the whole model is still translucent in 3D mode, which suggests it's still not solid. 

    I have the feeling I just made a big mess out of it, making the whole thing unnecessary complicated. 

    I also provided a link to the file in case you might want to take a look at it yourself, which would be immensely appreciated!


  • tab...


    'I have the feeling I just made a big mess out of it, making the whole thing unnecessary complicated.'

    That's all part of learning...realising it could have been done easier.

    Jacant is the 'master guru' at this type of design...

  • tab...

    Once into a solid, pulling a vertex of adjoining faces will move all connected faces.

    If also selecting the shown icon, a symmetric move between objects is possible.

    Observe what has been selected in the info bar along the screen bottom.

    Example>  '1 vertex'  is selected and a direction move (select  green arow,)  Note the 'Ruler' ability,


  • Jacant

    It will work. However you will have 3 solids, it is impossible to join them because each of them have a 'shared' edge with the adjoining solid at the bottom.

    You will need to copy and paste the 3 bottom surfaces and 'Pull' them down a minimum amount. I pulled them 0.05mm. Now 'Combine/Join' the 4 solids.

    There are a few anomalies in your model for this to work correctly. The lines at the bottom of the 'valleys' do not line up with each other.

    The adjusted solid can be found here. 


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