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My designsparks mechanical free version can´t launch


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  • Tim Heeney

    Which version where you on?

    The development effort from the source software, Ansys Spaceclaim, in V5 headlines the new Constraint Sketcher and curve equations tool. Future DSM will have updates to the Constraint Sketcher i've been told - so on one hand it seems sensible to go with the latest version etc. The traditional sketcher is also available if you prefer.

    Having just wrote that i've just gone through the V5 release notes - there's really much more, especially i appreciate revised graphics tools and save / recall views ( with parts recall). Hands up here, i jump on the new stuff if it's gonna help me asap.

    The software doesn't freeze / stall so easily and the back-up / recovery files so far hasn't let me down. There's new cutomisable key short cuts - all these i really appreciate.

    However, i also found V4 (64 bit) to be very good with many really useful updates to V2 (32 bit)...V5 builds very nicely on top of V4.

    I would suggest updating to the latest V5 if possible, however there might occasionally be a slight alteration to operational procedures that can't be ruled out and the new stuff will have to be learnt.


    Sorry- i haven't really answered your question.

    Which version where you on?

    Once we know, someone will answer more accurately.


  • Michael Michael

    Designsparks mechanical 2.0, can´t launch the software at all ..just an error message that it needs to connect to internet, can´t run offline, but requires periodic internet license, you see this message because my last check was older than 30 days..something like that...

    how weird is that, if that is the case, why not direct to the licensing page, or the accunt to activate it are just shut down this way with no further guidance than contact support at a certain mailadress, it´s just making it

    taking so much longer time to re-activate and get going and you loose out time.

  • Tim Heeney

    Hello Michael,

    Looking at the DSM download page in can only see V5 64 bit version available.

    I assume therefore V2 no longer available - although that's not an 'official comment'.

    My experience is your V2 files will work seemlessly in V5 if you have a supported pc to run it.

    Moving forward, i assume there's certain software developments that can't be done with 32 bit or the effort to maintain/ develope two DSM's is too great.

    It's rare today for high-end CAD software not to need 64bit architecture.


  • Michael Michael

    Hi Tim,

    Uninstalled 2.0

    Installed 5.0

    It´s working, so no problems far anyway.

    some new stuff I have to check out. :)

  • Michael Michael

    but what the??

    Did they remove the option for obj export, or if it was 3ds? and stl export isn´t working makes it completly useless since I use this with other poly modelers like blender and lightwave.

    Can´t get a model to be xported out in any form for that, it worked just nicely in 2.0 and this is why I avoided to upgrade for so long.




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