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V5 New facilities


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  • Tim Heeney

    Not both simultaneously in one DSM. Requires a option set , program close / restart etc. as you know.

    I just tried 2 x DSM with different sketchers and the same file ( just to see - not official or supported i suspect . Searched but can't find if allowed) - it works but of little benefit as files not linked, requires saving the latest, then in the other, closing (no save), load it back.

    Cut and Paste works between them - which could be interesting.

    Special notes : F9 , performance in Constraint Sketcher version is worse - very noticeable in larger assemblies...reported.

    If filing with constraint sketcher open, upon opening , DSM will automatically toggle ON ( if off) the Constraint Sketcher when loading that file but, unfortunately not off when closing it. Annoying or convenient - it all depends...

  • Me Here

    Thanks for the head's up about the performance issue of constraints. Not really a surprise, given the extra correlations required I suppose.

    I also find that the moving of the sketch tools to a separate tab undoes a lot of the simplicity, power and intuitivity of the UI that makes DSM such a delight to use.

    Seems to me that as is, both these features -- constraints and equations -- fall just short of being really useful.

    Am I being cynical when I wonder if the maintenance of the feature differential from DSMs big brother might be playing a part here?

    Cheers, Buk.

  • Tim Heeney


    I find the constraints to be an 'interesting' activity, and that i fiddle with the sketch for nice numbers far more than i would have without it. Unlike some curve values previously slightly changing ( an R300 becomming R299.78954 as we remember) , values don't change now . There's pro's and con's of course. You got to avoid the 'fun' of making a completely defined sketch - use the constraints and dimensions minimally to achieve an acceptable sketch. If needing to tweak all that's drawn, then full constraining is necessary - but it doesn't really take that long once used to doing it.

    Presently there's no variables, Spaceclaim has in R2021 R1 now introduced these this month - so i gotta assume they'll be arriving in the next DSM.

    I haven't yet used the Equation tool but i expect someone like yourself will - it will be essential one day for me i'm sure.

    I don't think it's the 'feature differential' between DSM and Spaceclaim that's stuttering GUI / operational fluidity - more that these features are stark new add-ons .


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