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template of drawing sheet


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  • tab...

    Hello Augustin,

    This youtube video is very helpful ' ' it's from a Spaceclaim demonstration - DSM is a subset of Spaceclaim technology, principally alterations will be the same.

    A similar video if from RS in Japan with english sub titles...slightly different but still showing the basic procedure plus more what can be done.

    Come back if you need to know more or if you're stuck.


  • tab...

    It's done like this..

    Open the actual drawing template file:


    make changes as desired...see both the above youtube videos.

    Save as a rsdoc file in a new folder. ( you can't save in the existing folder )

    In DSM options > detailing > size and format it's possible to now set this new template as the default sheet. I usually draw A3 size.

    Now when loading a new sheet the default will appear - to change format , go to tab, 'Sheet Set Up' > Format > More Formats etc - this folder is where new default template is filed - choose another format.

    Ask if stuck...

  • augustin ramel

    Great, Thank you for your response! I have made my first drawing!

    Too bad that there is no clear help menu for drawing sheets with Designspark!


  • tab...

    You're welcome.

    Happy detailing...



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