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Dimension in inches


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  • Tim Heeney

    Try working with 'Snap to grid' on - this is found in the ' Options Sketch' tab usually on the screen left side.

    With snap to grid on, in either traditional Sketcher or using the new Sketcher constraints, i can't get the behaviour you have.

    Only working without automatic snapping to grid, can i replicate what you have seen.

    Does this help you?

  • Don Muhlnickel

    Thank You very much Tim, Yes it does. It now works. I am just learning this. Does anyone know if a model from this DesignSpark software can be imported into a program such as Mastercam etc? This software so far seems easier to grasp than others. 


  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Don.

    Without the add-on ( paid for) Exchange Module which gives you .step and .iges output options, DSM only has some .dxf output capability.

    DSM can output .stl files but i believe these aren't beneficial for CAM applications. Triangle faces ( if in a single plane) can be made a single surface, but the problem is with curved faces / spheres etc becomming a group of small facets.


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