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  • Jacant

    You have a couple of options here. When you Pull use the 'No Merge' option,

    Or change the default behaviour in File - DSM Options - Advanced - Pull tool. This can be changed in the drop down box to Automatic, Add, Cut or No Merge.

    When you want to work solely on a Component then right click it in the Structure tree and either 'Activate Component' that will 'Grey out' all other entities in your drawing. This will show in the structure tree as Bold type. Right click the 'Topmost Component' to activate everything, when finished working on the Component. Or right click the Component and 'Open Component' This will open it in it's own file window. Any edits done here will be updated in the original drawing.

    If you have the topmost Component active and other Components in your drawing anything you draw will be in the topmost component. You can 'Drag' anything in the structure tree into another component to be part of it. Even other components. The icon will then change to an 'Assembly' if you add components. Meaning there are components within components.

  • john sprofera

    Thanks Jacant I will try that. I was drawing a display case and I had made a piece of glass to go inside the channel and once I had it inserted it became part of the display case no longer transparent and part of the case whatever color the case was the glass became that. Appreciate you helping me. John


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