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Changing values


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  • Jacant

    Use either the 'Pull ' tool or the 'Move' tool. Select face and use the 'Ruler' option. Use it to measure from the face you want to move from or to.

    The other way is to dimension your model, then using the same tools as before. The dimension values will show with an asterisk/star, these can be changed.


  • Tim Heeney

    Another way is by dragging on a section.

    Select the face of size 20 x 19, key x ( section command) , sections can be on face planes  and allows by dragging section edges, accociated face re-positioning. Also this is posible by re-entering of any displayed value ( highlighted value).

    Note: A grid is projected onto the face allowing edges / vertex's to be moved precisely by dragging. Grid snapping can be set 'on / off '.

    Select the face edge to move it,  the highlighted dim accepts an immediate alternative value, enter or drag as required snapping to grid etc.

    F1 key for help in positioning grids if required. Grid placement is usually centroid (center) of the face area selected. It can be moved as req'd or an XYZ orthogonal grid structure can be made to make a 3D matrix of nominal grid spacings ensuring part features to nominal grid spacings.

    It is possible to alter the dimension placement ( base point ) to an alternative position if necessary. Where a yellow dot is shown, hover curser over and if allowable, a blue circle appears - click and reposition, type new value, enter to complete.

    Note the minimum grid spacing above is 1mm - set in 'Options'

    There are many more indepth concepts and abilities available. Experiment and become accustomed with these first though.


  • Tim Heeney

    Manipulation of face positions within a section ( on a face  and yes, even within an actual section ), is one of the simplest yet powerful forms of geometry repositioning possible i think.

    Here's a simple cross ( key x ) section through 6 unrelated parts - dynamically, it's very fast, either single face moved or select multiples by Ctrl + selection.

    Any part shown ( nothing to do with active parts etc ) can have its faces dragged / referenced.

    or, reference curves to center lines ( yellow dot > blue circle base dim ) or, click a curve and drag off part to another curve / vertex. Simple yet highly efficient.


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