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Understanding Pull-Direction


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  • Tim Heeney

    Pulling will only move the face normal to it's orientation unless it's instructed otherwise...

    This is achieved by selecting the edges of it's face and the face, then a direction - it add / subtracts automatically or, select the +Add tool - it's works well using the +Add tool.

    For some commands please see help F1. In this case for Pull there is a video F3...

    selection of face plus it's edges and choosing a new direction...




  • Tim Heeney

    To do this fast...

    2x click an edge to select an edge chain...

    Alt click for direction setting ( i didn't show that !)

    Select the + icon on the mini tool bar.

  • Nils Rottgardt

    Ok, I did not know that behavior is changed be selecting the edges and the relationship to this function. Very nice to know, better than moving the face manually before. One point more to like DSM.





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