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DSM - remove cross hatching in scross sections


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  • Jacant

    The cross hatching is when you are in 'Section Mode'

    There are three 'Modes'. Sketch Mode (K) Section Mode (X) and 3D Mode (D)

    If you just want to view a section without the cross lines, then use and move the Sketch mode into the model. There is an option in the Display Tab - Grid to change the 'Show Sketch Grid'

  • William Herschel

    Oh yes, sorry. Rather dumb question. Thanks anyway.

  • Tim Heeney

    Hi William.

    DSM also has 'Clipping Planes' created from Inserted 'Planes'

    Maybe these images with basic explanations will suffice - ask if needing more information.

    Parts may be excluded from clipping planes.

    Clipping planes may be United and Reversed.

    Clipping planes and Planes can be selected for sketch (key k ) and Cross section (key x ) functionality.



  • Tim Heeney

    this sort of thing...if it's your thing...

    Sketch's don't have to be fully constrained - ONLY add constraints  and dims etc to assist in getting to your desired sketch shape is my advice.

    In V5, the new constraint sketcher may be turned off in Options > Advanced. The sketches still auto constrain but values may slightly change ( eg rads) or break during geometry manipulation - but we still managed ;)

    But i do like the initial constraint sketcher now...


  • William Herschel

    Thanks Tim you for your advice and the fabulous drawings. I tend to have fairly simple needs for parts I can then go and machine in the workshop like this one but there may well come a day when some advanced design skills are needed.

  • Tim Heeney

    Yeah, I'm too easily excited...

    Basic is always best for progressing quickly ( working light ) and getting the job done.

    Working in section's and sketch's is so compelling to me...

    Doing it with actually cutting a thread - at least you know how many threads after chamfering etc. Also, if 3D printing, you need a real modelled thread if not cutting one after the print.

    I mostly only need fastener threads so i get lazy although, my system doesn't get bogged down with spline surfaces.



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