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  • Jacant

    Designspark is not a 'Parametric' modeller, It is a 'Solid' modeller.

    However with the new 'Constraint Based Sketching' in 2D Mode, it is possible to create geometry that can be changed according to the 'parameters and constraints' that you have applied. These are not carried over into 3D Mode or the solid model.

    You may find this informative. 360011128757-Release-notes-DesignSpark-Mechanical-5-0 


  • Tim Heeney


    DSM is a Dynamic modeler. Only it's new Sketcher Constraint has traditional tools for sketch construct creation and all of these are consummed upon finishing the sketch. It does also not have a history tree either.

    DSM is a small subset of Ansys Spaceclaim technology which, in their latest Spaceclaim release R2 2020 now has 'Block recording' allowing discrete history recording / reordering /altering and the ability to name parameters. Whether DSM will get this technology i have no idea.


  • Bruce Welty

    Thanks Tim


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