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solid is hollow


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  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Patrick.

    There are many problems with this model.

    My suggestion is to quickly re model the part - it will take a lot less time than you might think as all the thinking has already happened. If you carried on to repair, i fear there are too many problems to fix and you would become frustrated with the process.

    Essentually you have side profile to extrude ( pull ) and 2 holes to pull ( cut).

    As you progress, always be on the look out for anommalies, watch the structure browser, make sure a solid doesn't turn into a surface and watch out for additional 'surprise' surfaces appearing in the structure browser as well.


  • Jacant

    As Tim suggested it would be quicker and easier to start again.

    Try to be methodical, keep checking what is showing in the Structure tree.

    You may find this workflow helpful.


  • Jacant

    I noticed the 'Triangle' that Tim highlighted. Were you trying to get the 'Oval' shape to cut that way?

    You will need to copy then paste the surface  to create a new surface, Pick the direction 'I picked the Z direction on the World Origin'. Then Pull in that direction.

  • Tim Heeney

    Edit: Do as Jacant advises, he's called it right think but always watch out when pulling that Add / Cut / No Merge options are set correctly and remember the Structure Browser is your best buddy.


    This to get you started - just a tip.

    If editing your starting face in a sketch, be aware of what Add / Cut / No Merge do when pulling...





    hope i've helped...


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