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Resize object -1 bug (error)


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  • Jacant

    Howto mirror existing object podle roviny? (by Plane)

    The scale command will not 'mirror' existing objects.

    The only way to mirror is to draw a line, right click it and 'Set as Mirror Line'. Everything now drawn will be mirrored. Once you go into 3D mode the 'association' will be kept. There is an option to 'Maintain Mirror' on the 'plane' that appears on the original mirror line. If you now go back to your original sketch the original line will not be a mirror line, until you create it again. Although the 'Mirror' will still be available on the first items drawn.

  • Tim Heeney

    'Resize -1 work as +1 !!'

    To resize,  using the factor 1 , whether + or -  is mathmatically incorrect. The scale factor of 1 will not alter it's size :)

    To increase the size by 50%, enter 1.5

    To decrease the size by 50%, enter 0.5

  • Jacant

    Hi Tim

    The original question was to 'Mirror' a solid using 'Scale -1'

    As we know this cannot be done in DSM. However it can be done in other software programs. Blender is one, Sketchup is another

  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Jacant.

    Oh ok, 'Resize' and ' - ' i didn't realise could mean mirror and scale...

    I'm not familiar with Blender or Sketchup.



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