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Convert picture to 2D sketch


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  • Jacant

    Depending on the complexity of the image, it may be easier to trace over the lines using lines arcs and splines. Try to scale the image to the correct 1:1 ratio first.

    It can be done in other software programs, Inkscape is one. It 'traces' over a bitmap, to create a vector image (SVG) This can be saved as a DXF file. There are various ways of getting a DXF file into DSM. 

    The image was converted online, then opened in Inkscape. The Vector image was then manipulated to have no fill. As you can see the SVG file still needs cleaning for it to be of any use as a DXF file. 


  • Nils Rottgardt


    I am familiar with Inkscape. But I found workarounds only like using FreeCAD (which I use also) to import DXF and in the help for DSM 2.0 an import option for DXF.

    So is it really only possible using FreeCAD or similar tools?



  • Jacant

    I'm afraid with the free version of DSM, that is the only option. There is an add on that will import DXF files.

    As for tracing over the image even Spaceclaim can not do this. So the only other option is to use Freecad or something similar.

    You may find the link slightly helpful. 


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