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Library loader download fail


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  • Boss .

    Just saw this. I used it last night without any issues.

    How does yours fail? Don't think I have heard of the download actually failing, if you don't get the file in your downloads folder I suggest contacting Samacsys who created library loader.

    If it downloads but fails to extract to DSPCB I suggest the following quick checks.
    Make sure Library Loader is pointing at DSPCB and not Pro free trial if you tried that out.
    Launch DSPCB by a right click as "Run as admin" to ensure it is registered with Widows so Library Loader can find it.

    I also just did a quick check and it's still working.

  • J R

  • J R

  • J R

    I get the error screen when trying to download

  • Boss .

    Timing, I'm only on here for a few minutes today!
    I have never seen that screen "Sucess False" I that in the browser or DSPCB?

    Now you have posted the component, I did a quick check but used RS search engine.
    SORRY can't get the webpage to insert pictures in the correct place!!!! So they are transposed......


    After downloading it appears correct.
    So just wonder at what point you see the error message and where that comes from.

    Or perhaps try the RS search engine to see if that behaves differently?




  • J R

    The message is in the browser.

    The issue is resolved, it was a browser ("Brave") issue, it looks like the last update added a security feature defaulting to enabled.

    Thank you for the response!


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