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DesignSpark Mechanical repeatably freezing


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  • Tim Heeney


    This might help or not.

    I suggest there's maybe something that 'alarming' with those points.

    I'd suggest manually putting down some points over the top of the imported points - just enough of them to define the profile sufficiently. Then delete all the imports.

    Check spline connections - start to end is connected and tangent etc.

    Perhaps post an image of what you're attempting.

    Too many points and the maths gets very dense.


    What DSM version are you using - good pc etc? Has worked well before??



  • Jacant

    I think you are using the wrong tool.

    The 'Offset Curve' tool is for a 2D sketch.

    I may be wrong , I think that you need to 'Pull' the 'Edge Loop' with the 'Extrude Edge' option.

  • Tim Heeney



    Jacants way works very sweetly here in V5.

    Instead of using the pull function of pulling an edge to make a new surface, instead i just copied an edge - this automatically sub-divides any surface it's created upon, semantics perhaps.

    If pulling an edge into thin air, it will make a surface anyway...

    I always try and have an upper and lower spline meeting with tangency.

  • Roger Ronald


    I'm using DSM 5.0. I've only been using it for a week and I've decided to learn by attempting to swim in the deep end :-)

    I've tried doing Jacant's and your method, but I can't seem to select the outer edge. When I click it or double click it, it shows the points the line is based upon, but it does not change color.

    I'm guessing the line has problems. When I import the file, the line seems to be neither a 2d (sketch) entity nor a good 3d entity. I've tried to import it as a 2d line without success. Even with the 3d=false command, the files require all three dimensions per point (which doesn't match the instructions I've seen).  For example, I first tried to import the curve and then close up a couple of holes at each end using the 2d sketch tools (the line tool and the tangent tool).. I could draw a line in the correct spot, but after I entered it, my imported curve would vanish. I finally had to put the closing lines in the file and use the fill command to get it to be a 3d entity.

    Redrawing by hand on top of the curve seems silly, but I tried it and it does seem possible (since the spline tool snaps to the imported line). But it seems odd that entering the points from a file produces different results than entering the points by clicking. If I do that, the Offset Curve tool works fine.





  • Tim Heeney


    Sadly i have little idea why imported geometry isn't behaving in DSM - hence why the recreate and overdraw suggestion.

    Has it come from a good source? What file type are you importing?

    Actually, i have so little experience in importing it's embarrasing. It's been 99% original content in my designs over the years.

    .stp/step  seems a very robust standard though.

    You mentioned a vanishing line. There is in DSM V5 Sketcher Constraints, some odd behaviour ( a bug i believe and reported), see the gif below... upon exiting the sketch, the curves thankfully  reappear!


    Jacant is much more of an expert than i on using / interacting with other CAD geometry and DSM having been a user since V1. His knowledge goes way way back...

    Anyway, welcome to this forum.



  • Jacant

    .....I take the file with the points and can import them into the program. I first need to use the Fill command to make it a solid shape. Once I have done this, I can successfully Pull the shape into 3D. My first step here is to extrude the entire shape 4mm upward. Then I add some holes. All is good to this point....

    Take a look in your 'Structure tree'. Are the 'Points' still there?

    If they are turn them off or delete them if they are not required.

    Now you should have, as you said above a 'Solid' with holes in it.

    Right click it in the structure tree and 'Check Geometry' just to make sure the solid is OK.

    If there are no problems then do as I or Tim suggested.


    The 'Offset Curve' tool will work. As I said it is 2D. So when selected it will require a 'Sketch grid'. Just select the top face, to place the grid. Double click the 'edge loop' and drag to size, type in value. Now select the outer surface and 'Pull' up, type in value.

    A link to your original imported file would be good, along with an image.

    You may find parts of this informative. 


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