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DSM 5: Some Features are greyed-out


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  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Ingo

    Yes it's different, it's also a 'work in progress' and unfortunately, DesignSpark had to 'use' a 'Sketcher Constraint' version slightly behind the official youtube published V5.0 information.

    The Sketcher Constraints has it's own new logic - however, all is still possible. Polar lines can be done by tabbing between the angle and length or vice versa - this seems to work the same or is very similar as non constraint method and for Cartesian, use the Shift over the initial point ( as you have said).

    My opinion is to make consistent small trials with the new sketcher - i quite like it now, there's no need to fully constrain all geometry at all - just enough to achieve accurate geometry or enough dimensions and constraints to drive it around to your desire.

    For making patterns in the new sketcher - it's a semi-automatic process ( kinda), for circular patterns, Ctrl drag (enter value) or double click for 90 deg), new position remains 'selected' and in-command for fast duplicate move. Personally i find patterns are better handled in solids ( although a small bug in pattern 'Properties' !)

    So, these are not bugs i think, just the software working differently for now.

    Hope i've helped - i'm not here to annoy anyone.

  • Raymond Wong

    I just found this DSM5 video explaining the new way of working with Sketcher Constrains. I was watching a lot of DSM4 videos and was very frustrated not able to follow along. Hope this helps anyone looking for DSM5 new way of sketching.

    Constraint-based sketching with DesignSpark Mechanical - YouTube


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