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Imported STL object has one face line missing


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  • Jacant

    Create a 'Plane' as shown. Move the plane into the model a set amount. Use the 'Combine' tool to cut the solid using the plane as the cutter. Delete offending piece. Pull surface out the same 'set amount'. Do the same on the reverse side.


  • Jacant

    Using the 3 point circle tool, select each end and the center of the curve. Select all of the 'facets' of the dish and either 'Fill' or 'Delete' them. Select 'Surfaces' and Pull around the axis of the temporary line. Select the two surfaces that have been cut out of the solid and use the 'Fill' tool.

    Do the same for the holes.

  • Nils Rottgardt

    LOL....that was easy. Done everything and now it is without error and in a perfect DSM format. Could not stop smiling. :-)

    But also created a ticket, perhaps they can opimize the conversion to a solid with that information.


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