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DS 9.0 crashes again and again. DSBAK, my personal automatic solution


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  • Boss .

    Thanks for producing and sharing this, look good.
    So just some small questions.

    Does it make a copy of the complete folder at the set time interval?
    You say it "and prepends the name §§§", so presume as you work you get _001, _002 etc all in the same folder?
    Do you have to worry about the sch and pcb files being open and in use within DSPCB when the backups are made? I had problems with another app crashing if the main program was writing to the file at the same time.

    As for crashes, I have been using DSPCB since V2 and rarely has it ever crashed on any of my (3) laptops. I read on the forum occasional crash reports and it has often been the same users so I often wonder why. I have also helped beta test and even these behave even with pre-release bugs.

    Back to your utility I did download earlier and get an insecure website warning, I guess that the standard http issue now, but once downloaded by scanning software did not object.

  • giuseppe de lorenzo

    Hi Boss
    DSBAK simply copies the saved file, without sequentially numbering. Basically it acts exactly like designspark does for ~ files. It doesn't matter if the file is open or closed because in any case it makes the saved copy and does not save what you are working on. In any case, I have been trying it for 3 days and I have never had any collision problems also because it is very difficult for dsbak to save the file at the same precise moment in which I save it.
    I also believe that Visualstudio manages on its own the possible collision between open files or not. In any case, I repeat, it has not happened to me yet to see dsbak blocked. But anything can happen :-)
    You gave me an idea and in the next version I will make sure that the old §§§ is also saved as §§§_old and the new §§§ is an updated copy of the .pcb or .sch you are working on .
    Also I think I will also put a small configuration file so that the folder used previously can appear in the setup.
    But I don't know when I can do it. For now it was important to me not to have a corrupt file again.

    Even to me DSPCB rarely crashes but when it crashes it does serious damage. I have used DSPCB on at least 20 personal computers, from XP up to now to WIN10, in various places (home, work) and in all situations sometimes (actually very rarely) it crashed. For example, I have been using Photoshop for 20 years and it will have crashed no more than 2 times. So the problem is in the software, not in the configuration of the pc or in the bad user management ;-)

    Finally, my utility is on my server which is not https (which is why it says "not secure") but is visited daily by many people for my "lucibus" software for solar systems. So you can rest easy.
    I have been making software for more than 40 years and I would never dream of providing exe with viruses :-)
    In any case, when the program is almost finished, I will make the code available so everyone can compile it on their own.

  • Michael Harvey


    I know this is not going to contribute to the current discussion regards a backup program, but as I am no longer seeing it crash and am always having great success with many projects (small and big) and I am very happy with DS and the efforts of the DS team, I thought it best to share.

    I did (sort of) work out why it drops it's guts and it was my fault. In my early days I was constantly manipulating the component library and also using Windows Explorer to rename, move and copy library items and directories. Once I stopped this bad habit and used the utilities provided within the library manager, it has never lost it guts since. At that early time I was noticing it getting a few things strangely wrong in a layout and usually it was a short time after that it dropped out while I continued to manipulate the library attempting to correct the strange layout. The authors of software can have a dreadful time trying to cover for every possible error but even that can not possibly be covered when other programs are moving and renaming files external to the DSPCB. I have also started to use <Re-Index> now and then (but for no exact reason).


  • giuseppe de lorenzo

    One day I got on a ship that everyone believed was unsinkable ... so it was not and the lifeboats were inadequate and insufficient. Many people died, including myself, and only afterwards was it considered to provide the newly built ships with adequate rescue equipment.
    Any ship can sail for years, until it is scrapped and never need life jackets. But even if you need it only once, these must be effective and adequate to the number of people transported, because otherwise the damage would be irreparable.

    Carrying this metaphor into this thread, what happens to me SALTUARILY with DS does not absolutely question the skill, competence, tenacity and will of programmers to be able to make DSPCP an even more valid software, among other things totally free.
    The fact is that my crashes have always been very destructive and in any case, after the umpteenth time, I ran for cover to solve the problem myself, since the ~ file had not had a quality backup despite the setup was right .
    The fact that nothing more happens to you, dear Mike,  does not mean that you must not use precautions.
    I just put a very small utility online that is aimed at pessimists like me.
    Among other things, I have never moved or copied files from the library using the explorer. I've always used internal utilities (although my experience tells me your crashes weren't due to this).

    May DSPCB have a long life !!!
    I believe that with little more effort you can make this program even safer, since not only the only one who complains about this occasional problem and since when I build software (which I have been doing for 40 years now) the first thing I realize is a backup routine.
    Then comes all the rest, especially if my users complain of occasional freeze problems.

    I just hope that what happened to me last time never happens ... A stab would have given me less pain :-(

  • Boss .

    giuseppe de lorenzo, thanks for the additional details.
    I also have contacted support discussing your post and it is an area they are looking to improve, so our wishes are not falling on deaf ears!

    Apparently Pro has more advanced backup procedures so hopefully, we may get something similar?

  • giuseppe de lorenzo

    hi Boss,

    I believe that forums are the right and direct way to list the problems and then look for a solution to solve them.
    If the hidden truths never come to light, they can never improve and at this time we would still be thinking about whether the wheel is better round or square :-)
    In my long years of software and hardware production I have often believed that I have created a flawless and unnecessary product. Never was a greater mistake !!! By participating as an exhibitor in all editions of the RomeMakerFaire (from 2013 onwards) I discovered that the best way to make a quality product is to confront the public and users, exposing their needs and critical issues.
    I am sure that the developers of DSPCB will take into account what we all say here. They are professionals and as such they cannot ignore the words of even a single user.



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