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Change surface color


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  • Jacant

  • Kenneth Schweim

    Thank you! Thank you! For me personally that will save a lot of extra work

  • Yoshinao Takada

    I have a little struggled to enter the color menu. 'layers' sub window was at the bottom left of the main window by default. Clicking 'Layer0' title bar color icon, the color menu appears.

  • Jacant

    You can change the position of any of the Tabs. Drag the title bar of the Tab and drag. A 'pop up' will appear left or right of the window, where you can drop the Tab. Now select the 'Auto Hide' Pin.

    I have mine Pinned to the right side of my window.

    To activate the colour 'Click' on the small down arrow on the layer you want to change.

    To add more layers Right Click the name of the layer - New.

    To change to a different layer Right click the Layer you want - Make Activate.


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