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drawing add-on module


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  • tab...

    Hi Augustin.

    I'm not official support and these are just my personal comments etc, by using the F1 key, searching for 'Drawing', 'Drawing Annotations', Encoding Geometric Tolerances etc it seems that there is sufficient 'help' for me to make a drawing although i'm quite experienced at it.

    ASME Y14.5 2009 ( American Standards) is quoted as the 'standard' for embeded GD&T standards. this 'semantic' methodology assists the correct layout for part definition. If needing the Din standard or JIS standards, then you will have to manually massage the GD&T accordingly which is an option 'not to use semantic tolerancing'.

    Please ensure you know exactly what's included in the DSM Drawing Add-On. Even with the Exchange Add-On ( it's also important to buy the bundle in one go because of licensing issues apparantly). Be warned... there are very few data exchange options available with DSM !

    I have been helping other users in this forum for about 1 year now - I can not remember a 'drawing ' related that good or bad? - i really don't know!


  • augustin ramel

    Thank you but i don't find any precise information on how to draw a new format for the sheet setup,

    I don't understand how exactly work "broken out section"... Some things like that that are not explained in the help.

  • tab...

    Hi Augustin,

    I agree with you. I also can't find any F1 Help about ' Broken Out Section' however it's explaind in this official RS DSM youtube video.

    ' '

    and the new format sheet setup is explained very well in this 'Spaceclaim' video :

    ' '

    and here:

    ' '

    I understand the DSM Drawing module is identical to the Spaceclaim product - although, please base your final decision on the latest RS DSM published information to be safe.



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