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The 3D view doesn't works


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  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Boris,

    Something maybe identical or very similar came up a few weeks ago.

    In that case, changing the graphics renderer solved the issue. DesignSpark Options > Advanced > Graphics - for me, DirectX is preferred over OpenGL but in the above case, changing to OpenGL solved the issue.

  • Jonathan

    Glad I found your post. Had the same problem and it works for me changing settings zo OpenGL.

  • Tim Heeney

    Hi Jonathan.

    Often new users just fire off a question, although a search often finds the answer faster. But, please ask away if help needed - the F1 is pretty good but some experience is needed with that to at times - also some references to it's Mother ( Ansys Spaceclaim ) still exist.

    Anyway, welcome to DSM forum if you're new.




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