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3D View shows blocked drill holes


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  • Boss .

    Drill holes have never been supported in 3D view, even mounting holes without copper don't show up.
    I haven't tried printing 3D views, if they show up then perhaps moving the layers around may help?

    You could add this to "requested features".

  • Richard Caldwell

    Yes being able to 3D print the design would really speeded up the overall project. Having a 3D pint that's a 1:1 scale would allow testing the fit of the PCB into its holder ( like in my case how it will into the payload compartment) before getting the PCB made.


    So being able to 3D print a model of the PCB it a ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ X 1 reasled to thepower of 100.

  • Brad Levy

    I've used the IDF output capabilty of DS PCB to export boards from DS PCB to DS Mechanical. Then I replace critical components like connectors on the DS Mechanical side with more accurate downloaded 3D models. In some cases, I go ahead and 3D print the result to test fit. In others, I save it as a 3D pdf others can rotate and view from different angles without DS Mechanical. I've also taken screen shots for use in documentation before I have the actual boards back and assembled.

    In this case, the circular disc (added in DS Mechanical) represents
    the diameter of a hole the board needs to be able to fit through.

  • Brian Keen

    When I mentioned 'the hole does appear when you print', what I meant was that the pad hole appears when you print the Bottom Copper layer. I didn't mean when printing the actual 3D view - I didn't even know you could print the 3D view!

    I tend to use filled copper shapes in the Bottom Copper layer for ground traces to reduce the impedance. (see attached example).

    To get the drill holes in pads connected to the GND net to appear on the 3D view, I have to arrange the filled shapes to avoid the holes. This is a bit of a pain.


  • Boss .

    The only other thought I have is instead of drawing a copper shape, draw a copper pour area. You can have as many as you want and to avoid thermal spokes (assuming you do) use the override option and select "Adjacent", this will provide a continuous copper area as you describe with holes present and in the 3D view.

    Select the copper pour area and right click , then set it as follows:


    In my test the PCB with 3 pads and the 3D view gave these results.

    From this I think adding a copper shape as you describe floods the area which blanks out the holes. These are obviously still present when the board is drilled, but the copper pour could provide the flexibility you want and even make placing the pour outline easier than the copper shape.




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