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Importing AutoCad drawings


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    DesignSpark Mechanical

    Hi David,

    The developer has given no options for directly importing AutoCAD DXFs or DWGs even with paid add-ons. You can only export DXFs. The Drawing part of the add-on is intended for users to create & manage GD&T within DSM rather than inter-operate with AutoCAD 2D.

    Here is an alternative a user suggested for importing DXFs:

    Best regards,

    DSM Support

  • David Gwynn

    In The Help Index for File options under AutoCad it shows the import options you can select or check plus it also shows this in opening a file help .. that is why I purchased the add on's .. perhaps it would be better to update the help and sales details to show you can not import AutoCad files.



  • DesignSpark Mechanical

    Hi David,

    Yes, we will check our documentation and landing pages to make sure it clearly states that AutoCAD DXF and DWG import isn't possible with add-ons.

    Best regards,

    DSM Support

  • Stuart Canty

    Its a real shame that Industry standard drawings can not be imported otherwise it would be a good product.

    In the real world in engineering we get files in DXF or DWG these have to be imported into our existing software. to not have this capability makes it non viable , its pointless if you have to re draw what someone else has created. Its good for hobbyists who maybe want to do a bit of 3D printing. I was going to use it to design a guitar case for which I have a DXF but to re-draw it is tedious.

  • Tim Heeney


    Not 'all real world engineering' by any means, has the consistent requirement to import dxf / dwg files. The headline DSM banner advert for itself is ' Your Rapid Prototyping software for Concept Creation and 3D Printing' and as a free product i think it's exceptional. It's so exceptional that it has to be constrained by it's ultimate owners Ansys. thus it has a very limited input/output data exchange possibilities. If i were in a professional role requiring the constant necessity of fast high quality data exchange then i'd up my DSM game and invest in a year licence of it's bigger more capable brother Ansys Spaceclaim. There are a handful of other good reasons / necessities for also choosing Spaceclaim however i won't drift of subject. If you have an occasional requirement for a DXF/DWG translation, please see the official DSM comment above referencing a work around solution.


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