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Adding notes to a design


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  • Tim Heeney


    I suspect this aspect of communication - the very necessary 'note this' typical written comment, can only be easily applied to designs / drawing s etc, through addition of the paid for, add-on 'Drawing Module'.

    DSM mantra for their basic free product is, 'Concept Creation and Rapid Prototying' So, for a small amount of note adding,  the first method outlined by yourself is a possible work around although in V5, it doesn't work for me.. I have tried and tried !

    For professsional drawings, done in a speedy way, ( not manually duplicated models , orientated and annotated per view etc ), i think the add-on module is the only sensible approach.

    If needing to exchange information, then again, and although basic, the Exchange module is a necessity. Buying both together offers a discount. Buying singulary there are licencing issues /problems.

  • Jacant

    This was created by drawing a square .001 x 001 Dimension it then change the text to suit. Change the Arrow style to none.

    Select the text and add a 'Note Leader' pick one of the anchor points then move the end where required. Change the 'Arrow' to any of the other options.

  • Tim Heeney

    Thanks Jacant...

    That works well.

    In V5, in using sketcher constraints, ( maybe non - constraints as well ) lengths of lines can't be drawn less than 0.03mm and circles less than 0.06 dia mm. Once these are created ( i suggest as 'Layout Lines'  or construction lines ), in 3D mode theses can have their size reduced to 0.001mm as an example. In structure browser, rename these lines / circles so not to delete them and the associated note ! Perhaps put text notes and ankors on a separate layer...

    I agree it's a fairly simple way and really helps with making occasional text a reasonable possibility... but for regular /professional use of making / annotating drawings under time constraints, this writer would invest in the Drawing Module.

    However, i will use this method...


  • Tim Heeney

    Controlling the position of the leader - i use the position of the text ankor. Seems a very easy way to move around the leader arrow.

    If i use a 'Note Leader' i can't remove the dimension extension line - sure, arrows can adjusted be 'None' etc, but i can't hide the lines...

  • Tim Heeney

    You can get some good results...

    and, for safety of not snapping to a note ankor - put them on their own layer...


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