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Bend text


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  • Jacant

    Use Sketchup with the 'Shapebender' Plugin by Chris Fullmer

    Open the SKP file in DSM. 

    Note: Be aware some fonts in Sketchup will not import properly there will be arcs missing on some of the letters.

    If you import the text as a solid, all curves will be faceted. Copy and paste the 'surface'. Delete the solid. Tweak the text in 2D mode, by drawing over the faceted curves. 


  • Tim Heeney

    Hi R Hagg.

    Are these letters 'normal' proportions but just arranged around a curve - they look that way in your photo...if so, then i think you'd have to make each character seperately in it's own component, each having a central reference point on it's base line and place manually around the arc adjusting spacially as you go. Set out some construction geometry first.

    Sorry if this method is rather 'manual'. It really won't take long and you'll have the freedom to do what your own eye spacially  likes !

  • Felix


    i am new to Design Spark and i want to bend a volume. How can i do this?

    Is there a way to pull a curve/ball inside the volume and the volume will bend automatically?



  • Tim Heeney

    Felix - it depends upon your meaning of 'Bend'...although the answer is a yes,  the transformation must be  within the the rules of any geometry manipulation. Faces with offset faces can be consumed ( with an intentional move / pull applied logically), but faces and offsets can't be automatically created because there's no nural network linking your brain to it...

    By using the  'Shell' command on a solid body and which must be selected from the structure browser to make a complete internal void, then any internal face can be moved / pulled with the exterior complying to the shell offset thickness rule.

    I'll make some gifs to show you.

  • Tim Heeney


    The basic shape: making an internal complete void - select body from structure browser, select value amount and type new value. tick and esp the command.

    next moving exterior or interior faces with following offset faces ...

    next the usual dragging or other move ( ruler ) commands within a section ( key X  shortcut)...

    next adding a pull to create an exterior round will also add an interior offset face. Also , consumption of face / faces is allowed.

    next by moving object so that total dissection occurs , faces may disappear...

    next adding rounds to curve chains is possible - again, offset faces are automatically created.

    next a new face is created with sketch , then pulled...

    next the new protrusion is now shelled with the appropriate command.

    Hope all these gifs help.


  • Felix

    Hi Tim,

    thank a lot for your perfect introduction!

    I will bend a volume to a curve like my gif will show.

    The Volume should bend to the curve.




  • Tim Heeney


    Please refer to DSM modeling tutorials on youtube ' '

    Curves drawn are made into surfaces by 'Pulling'

    Surfaces are made into solids by 'Pulling'

  • Jacant

    DSM will not bend a shape to another shape. It will however using the 'Combine/Cut' tool cut one solid from another.

    Tim has given a good explanation of what can be achieved.

    In your case you will need to do a bit of maths, or at least know what size you are trying to achieve.

    The arc of a circle you may know length x height. Or the 'Chord' and the Radius of the circle.

    What you need is the length of the curve to determine how long your 'volume' is. Or doing it the other way know your 'volume' length and work out the 'chord'.  You will then have to decide if your 'volume' goes above or below this line length and how the ends are finished.

    I have tried to explain in layman's terms in the image. That shows a chord of 60 on a R50 circle.


  • Jacant

    DSM will not bend a shape to another shape.

    It actually will.

    (It won't be the same length as your volume but you can adjust this)

    Create a circle the same radius as your arc. Pull this up the thickness of your 'volume'. Using the same sketch plane draw out your rectangle. pull this up to create your 'volume'.

    In Home view Pull the side of your 'volume' UpTo the circle No Merge. The surface that touches the circle is now the part you want. Select the surface hide the circle and the volume. Paste the surface. Pull either in or out.

  • Felix Hörner

    Hey Folks,
    thanks a Lot for your fast reply and BIG help.

    I had a volume and this i wanted to bend to a reference shape.

    Next i will have a look to the YouTube Channel :).

    Best Felix


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