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Adding Text To Object


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  • Jacant

    There is a way to add text. The answer was for V1 of DSM. In V2 you cannot change the Font. You can still use Sketchup.

    Link on this page. 

  • Harald Sattmann

    A tool for adding text (manufacturing numbers) on any surface (round or flat) is really missing. For flat surface there is a work around with adding some text with the measurement tool and make a projektion to the surface underneath. But usind text on a zylinder is not possible. Would be really useful.

  • Jacant

    Text can be Projected onto a cylinder as shown. Just move the annotation plane out.

    The only problem is that if your text is wider than the cylinder then the edges of the text will not be placed.

    However if you use V1 of DSM as in the second image, it has the option to 'Wrap around Target'. Sadly this is missing in V2.

  • Liam Lynch


    Ok, thanks for the answers.

    It is possible, which is nice... But something of a trick....

    I'll see what I can do...




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