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Trouble pulling hole in solid - adds in either direction


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  • Jacant

    Step files are locked when imported.

    If you go to the top Component in the Structure tree, right click, you will see that the 'Lock' is ticked and shaded.

    If you create a cube anywhere in the drawing. It will be added to the top Component as a solid.

    Again right click the top Component and the 'Lock' will be able to be unlocked. Delete the extra solid.

  • Jacant

    I have just noticed that the side that you are trying to make a hole in is a Component copy of another Component. If you make a hole in one it will make the same hole in the copy.

    Select the Solid from within one of the Components. Right click 'Make Independent'


  • Bill Marriott


            You nailed it!   Unlocking the component allowed me to pull holes and yes they were duplicated on the other plate until I did a source, Make Independent.

    I did try to find a solution in the tutorials but did not find any on components and options - Activate, Locking, Lightweight, Internalize, Flatten, lock etc

    Are there any  for this stuff?



  • Jacant

    I only use DSM V1 so the results may be different in V2

    Use the 'Search' box for information. It may be trial and error choosing the correct words to search.


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