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How to make a sphere shaped hole in a part


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  • Georg Schlenk

    Hi Michael,

    I'm not sure whether I understood your question. In the following I post some screenshots in which I try to explain how to make that sphere shaped hole in your "arm".There's your "arm" or lever. Select scetch mode, move the grid down to the middle of your part. Draw a helpline in the center as shown here:

    Draw a further helpline to mark the center where the sphere should be.

    Klick on the ball for a sphere (red arrow on top) and chose "cut out" (red arrow on left). Pull out the ball to desired diameter and your spheric hole is done.
    Hope that's what you asked for.

  • Michael Gauthier

    George, you understood me perfectly. I did everything you did EXCEPT, it never occurred to me that the sphere could CUT as well as add. Here is my arm complete with 4mm spherical holes. 


    Thank you very much for the guidance. 

  • Georg Schlenk

    Glad I could help.


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