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Multiple componants move


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  • Georg Schlenk

    Did you try the following? Right click on component (in structure tree) you want to work with, chose "activate component - or something similar (I don't use the english version)". Now the one you want to move or alter is highlighted and selected and you can do what ever you want. Hope this is a little help for you.

    What you said about the old forum posts, I second that absolutly. These posts where very very helpfull for me. This CAD-program is great, but without helping advice there is almost no way to learn how to work with it. It's an almost completly other approach to constructing as with "old" 2D-CAD.

  • Jacant


    Triple click any one of the solids in the drawing area.

    Right click - Make independent.

    This will keep the name and add a 2 to the Component.


  • Joseph McCarron

    Thanks guys, appreciate the help. 


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