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Sweeping along multiple paths


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  • Jacant

    You can Alt+Ctrl+click to select multiple trajectories to sweep along. The trajectory you click first is the origin trajectory. If you select the Normal to Trajectory option, the sweep is aligned along the origin trajectory. If the object being swept is in the middle of the sweep, you can pull in either direction to sweep only in that direction.

    There is more information in the online help file.

    Image and text taken from help file.

  • Russ Turner

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for your input much appreciated.  Yep have been following these instructions to the letter on 2 different machines but still I am not getting anywhere.  I can select 2 paths the first marked X and the second marked O.  I then Alt+Ctrl+click to select the other 2 trajectories and then extrude to find the face is only extruded along the first 2 trajectoies mark X and O.  Sure I have missed something here quite simple but cannot find what I am doing wrong.


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