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Make a side view of the cabinet layout


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    DesignSpark Electrical

    Hi Valaitis,

    You could do this by building your cabinet in 3D in DesignSpark Mechanical. There is a guide on how to do this here:


  • Valaitis LUN

    My problem is that most of our components are not available in the librairies so I have had to create them... therefore I suppose they won't exist in Design Spark Mechanical either.

    Moreover, my aim is to have a complete folder that describes our system. So if I have to combine differents software to do my documentation, I'm sorry but I won't use your 3D designer because our mechanical technicien already uses another one...

  • DesignSpark Electrical

    Have you checked in the online libraries? There are millions of parts available there.

    If you want an integrated solution we would recommend the use of SolidWorks Electrical with integral 3D capability. The electrical CAD aspect of it is from the same developers at DSE so your existing learning would be transferable.

  • Valaitis LUN

    Yes I have searched in the online librairies before creating the parts.

    Thanks for the advise, I'll see if we can afford it.


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