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Copy Cross Section of a object.


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  • Georg Schlenk

    Any pics would be very helpfull

  • Jacant

    As Georg said an image would be good.

    What exactly are you trying to do?

    Do you want the 'Cross Section' to be increased with the Diameter of the tube? (scaled)?  Or do you want to just increase the Diameter?

    The first will depend on the complexity if there are any curves you want to keep. If you just want to scale it then select the 'Tube' with the 'Pull tool' with the 'Scale Option'. Pick an anchor point then Pull, press 'Space' type in Scale wanted.

    If you wanted the latter then just use the Pull tool on the surface of the Tube, to increase it's wall thickness.

  • Gabor Mernjak

    Project to Sketch


  • C J

    To copy a cross section.

    I found this to work for extracting cross section curves: Move the grid into the solid, right click on the curve and chose Fit Curve in the menu. Now the curve data should be present in the structure tree.




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