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importing drawings into dsm


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  • wes schwarz

    sorry here is an updated link

  • Jacant

    Get a copy of Freecad  it's free.

    File - Open the SVG file. - Select Module - SVG as Geometry - Select.

    In the 'Combo view'. Pick the first and last 'Path' with the Shift key down.

    File - Export - Save as Type - STEP -  give it a name.

    Open the Step file with Designspark.

    Pick a surface and go to 2D Mode - Pick Plan view.

    Select the 'Project to Sketch' icon in the 'Sketch palette'.

    Drag a box from top left to bottom right to select everything.

    Curves will be created as seen in the Structure tree.

    In the Structure tree Select the first and last 'Path Component' with Shift key down - Delete.

    In 3D Mode -  Pull the outer part of the surface to make a Solid. Delete the Surface in the Structure tree.






  • wes schwarz

    Rob I really appreciate your insight.  This worked for me 100% 

  • wes schwarz

    Well I have another issue now.  When I import the drawing and try to resize it as a 3D object design spark freezes up on me.. I think maybe the structure is too complex but I am not sure.  My computer is extremely powerful and the resources are not showing any type of load or bottle neck.  Im somewhat at a loss right now.  

  • Jacant

    Are you trying to scale the 2D sketch or the 3D solid model?

    What parameters are you using?

    I will try to replicate the model. Or attach the file here.


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