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Threaded Bolts and Nuts


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  • Jacant 

    For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number - product details.

    In the window that opens choose the option you want from the drop down box (top right). A 3D- Step file would be best.

    The file will open as 'read only' it will be locked.

    Search the forum on how to unlock it.

  • Graham Engley

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you very much indeed, I found the work around and now I can modify :-).

    How can I stretch an object?


  • Jacant

    It depends on what you mean by 'Stretch' and the object.

    You could pick a face and either 'Pull' it or 'Move' it.

    The other way is to scale it in one direction.

    Select the object - use the 'Pull' tool with the 'Scale' icon picked.

    Keeping the 'Alt' key down pick a point to 'Anchor' then pick the direction you want to scale from the 'World Origin' arrows - Drag - press 'Space' to enter a scale.

    You can create your own 'Origin' anywhere on the model to use.



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