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Annotation planes in multi-component project


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  • Jacant

    All dimensions are referenced to the object they measure. If the object is moved or resized the dimension will update.

    When a Solid is moved into a Component it loses it's references to the dimensions.

    An 'Annotation Plane' with dimensions cannot be moved to a Component because the references would be lost.

    So it is best to create a Component first, it will become 'Active' then anything you draw will be in that 'Component'.  When you dimension it an 'Annotation Plane' is created separately.

    To make another 'Component' active including the 'Top Assembly'  right click 'Activate Component'.

    It is best to create 'Annotation Planes' on a different 'Layer' this way it is easier to make them visible or not.

    You can also hide the Outline of Annotation Planes from the 'Properties' panel.

    By double clicking and right clicking a measurement, you can add a 'Note Leader' or 'Insert Field'  to any Dimension. The measurement can also be changed into any text you want.


    When you 'Open Component' you are actually opening its own file. A new tab will be opened at the bottom of the screen. Anything you do here will be reflected in the original file.


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