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Interactive gear check



  • tab...


    That must be a fantastic scan to have the resolution and overall accuracy to check a gear tooth !

    However, within DSM there are no motion tools to syncronise moving parts for an analytical analysis. There's a forum user ( Me Here) who's done and knows much about gears with moving gifs etc. He's the expert on this matter.

  • Jaco Bezuidenhout

    Thanks a lot Tim.
    There are some nice scanners out there today .... pricey, but nice, with accuracy of 0.02mm achievable.

  • Me Here

    It is possible to do this with DSM. See for an example.

    It is a mostly manual process that involved rotating one gear a little (0.5° or so) and then the other by an eqivalent amount subject to the gear ratio, whilst having Display(tab)->display(panel)->Show->Body intererence checked.

    If the planned Python integration to DSM ever comes to fruition, and isn't a stupidly costly Add-on, this would get much easier.



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