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Can't transform a surface into a solid



  • Me Here

    Select the circles at either end of the tube and use the Fill command (Hit F on the keyboard, or use the icon); if the tube is correctly constructed, filling the ends will make it a solid.


  • Me Here

    That said, for constant radius 'pipes' like that it is usually easier to draw the center line you want it to follow and then use the "insert->cylinder" command.:

  • tab...

    Hi waulu,

    Pull only can act upon 'Active' geometry - thats 1 of a few important parts of effecting / controlling how 'pull' actions effect 1 or many or all parts / components thats in the 'pull path' .

    If you put a Body into Component and you have a few of these Components, the Component must be Active for the pull to operate.

    Components can be 'owned' by other components making assemblies...these assemblies can be Activated meaning a pull operation may if cutting, effect /cut all the active geometry only.

    Active components or components in an aseembly or assembly 'Path' will be visually bright in colour appearance. All 'Dull' geometry is not active and can't be operated upon by the Pull tool.

    Any active geometry not displayed by layer off or de selected in structure browser will not be changed by any pull action.


    Hope this sum up, geometry must be active for pull to work.


  • M S

    Hello Me Here and Tim,


    Honestly, I followed the first advise and it just worked, selecting the circles and using the "Fill" function.

    Me Here How do you record your screen? In the beginning I wanted to upload the file but I couldn't, only images. But the video is a good idea, to show the problem/solution.

    tab... Thank you for the explanation about the insides of DesignSpark. I activated the componenet and after that I could use the "Pull" as before.


    Thank you both for your help

  • M S

    Thank you Me Here


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