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How to make Qty column work in BOM



  • James Head

    You could take your current output and insert a pivot table in Excel as a separate sheet, to group the parts together.

  • Boss .

    You can also create an alternative BOM.
    From the PCB edit view click the BOM Quote at the top right of the screen and this generates a BOM with current prices and stock levels.

    From the second icon from the right at the top you can export the BOM to CSV and this provides the format you require.

  • Steve Stone

    @Boss- thanks. Actually 'BOM Quote' does what I want although the manufacturer's part number has to be in a value called "MPN" not "Manufacturer_Part_Number" (the built-in default in all my components) so I'm thinking about what to do about that.

    Exporting to CSV, as you suggest, might be the best short term route.

  • Phil Dixon

    Has this been included in the standard BOM yet?

    Can this feature be activated in the report editor?



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