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How to get test point



  • Jacques Delaire

    I have started to used testpoint in my drawing and then I have got them on my PCB. But by this way, they were in the Paste Mask. I don't want to get paste on these test points.

    Finally I have created copper area and I have covered this area by Solder Mask. It is not so easy but it seems it works.

    Is there a simplest way ?

  • Jayx .

    There is no easy way due to the fact that there is no option in DSPCB to remove paste mask from SMT pad, it is always generated. I've actually requested it to be optional a long time ago, if you think it will be usefull please vote for it here:

    Having said that, it may actually be usefull to have a solder on the testpoint, so the probe tip can dig into it reducing the chance of slipping.

    And finally, some tips for creating testpoints:

  • Boss .

    Hi Jacques,

    It would seem you have created your test poit in the same way as this FAQ for fiducials.

    I am not aware of any simpler way but recall BradLevy posting he has created a fiducial as a component, so perhaps he will reply/

    For my test points I also leave the solder paste as described by Jayx. If there is space I will often use a via (without solder mask) as a test point as it provides additional 'location' for the probe.

  • Jacques Delaire

    Hi Boss,

    You are right I have got same idea as described in FAQ about fiducials.

    I agree with you that via is also a solution but for this project I have preferred to get testpoint without via.

    Thank you in any case for your advice.


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