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BEWARE! Beta not backward-compatible



  • Official comment
    DesignSpark Mechanical

    Hi Robert,

    You are right about that. The RSDOC format is not backwards compatible as the file data structure has changed between major versions.

    Version 4.0 only carries major improvements over version 2.0 with the exact same user interface so logically, users should have no need to revert to an older version to edit their designs.

    Kind regards,

    DSM Support

  • James Taylor

    I fell foul of this anomoly and only found out about it after I had used it extensively on a very big project. When a glitch occured and I could not open DSM4 Beta, i found that half of my files for that project could not be used in DSM2.

    Fortunately the glitch has been fixed and I am, once again, back on track with DSM4.

    It is just a pity that DSM did not make it abundantly clear in their blurb about the Beta version that the files structure produced by V4B not being compatible with that of V2.

    When is it likely that the BETA version will be released as an ALPHA version?


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