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Freehand open shapes



  • Brad Levy

    You may already know this technique, but if not, perhaps this will help. Once you have clicked on the Open Shape tool and clicked on the starting point, you can right-click, then select Segment Mode > Fillet to draw arcs. You can switch back and forth between the different segment modes as you draw each segment. Fillet lets you do 90 degree arcs, Mitre puts 45 degree corners, etc. If you want a more specific arc (exact angle, etc.) you can click on any segment, then right-click and select Arc then select the specifications you want on the Arc submenu.

    This isn't quite as 'easily' done as in some general-purpose CAD packages, but PCB CAD tends to be structured. Regularity is preferred, rather than arbitrary angles, and the tools reflect this. The tools still allow you to acheive more arbitrary shapes, but yes, it does take a little more work. For complex freehand drawing, you can also draw your shape in another (general purpose) CAD or drawing package, and import it as a .dxf file.

  • Richard Saville

    Thanks Brad. I currently make most of my board shapes/cutouts in Draftsight (DXF), which is fine but it can be fiddly in certain scenarios. 


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