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     'DSM hangs when yo do a pull or it yo do a lot of body splits'

    Please post an image of what you're attempting to do... there are good and bad modeling practices that are good to know.

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    and some 'options' i set also helps in preventing 'hunting' for possible solutions.

    Really, a model image and a structure browser image helps in diagnosing / determining the likely problem.


  • Richard Gardner

    Hey guys.

    I will see if I can get a model image and structure.

    Problem is it hangs when I try to. Today I got a hang and tried to screen grab it but the pc was so badly busied out I wasn't able to demonstrate it.

    Of course I try it now and it works. So as soon as I get a situation that hangs again I will post the information.

    Its so maddening.


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    IF you're splitting bodies in many places a word of may, with susbsequent pulling the body around etc. be creating errors with the geometry and with geometry errors present, very slow response and crashing frequently occurs.

    Do a Geometry Check is my sincere comment.

    I know of a similar post where there were over 200 geometry errors - it had a load of split faces, a few slithers of faces inside the body and some other coincident but un attached faces.

    So yes. do a Geometry Check.

  • Richard Gardner

    Hey Tim

    What you say makes sense now that I think about it. As I split the object a number of times the thing starts to take more and more time. Bingo..

    So I did the check and wow was shocked to find a series of errors. Now I was able to easily fix the errors in this one model. but I have no clue how you correct some of these..While it shows you where the error is, not sure how you get to it to fix it. But hey this is a great direction to go. Thank you.


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